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Repossession Claim Administration

RecoveryPro limits the financial damage of repossession. Within hours of your collateral’s arrival at the auction, our team knows the extent of damage and its insured status. From there, we identify and process primary insurance claims on your repossessed vehicles and collect on the damages. To further reduce loan deficiencies, we handle the cancellation of Voluntary Protection Products(VPP) and collect all applicable refunds.

Our Repossession Claims Service is no ordinary asset protection solution. Behind the scenes, van Wagenen identifies, monitors, and manages your insurance claims on your behalf. Other service benefits include:

  • Maximum insurance recovery while reducing your operational costs
  • Minimum delays in selling vehicles at auction
  • Expert management of the complex settlement process
  • 24/7 online access to all claims activity, correspondence, and final results


Contact us today to start recovering more on your repossession claims.

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