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Because the only risks are the ones not covered.

At van Wagenen, it’s not just about products or services. It’s about protecting your assets and your reputation against the unforeseen. It’s about drawing on our risk management expertise to meet your institution’s financial goals. It’s about partnership.

In 1934, founder George D. van Wagenen created van Wagenen Company as a general agency focused on meeting the insurance needs of financial institutions. Today, the company he created is an industry leader in collateral protection, tracking millions of loan, lease, and mortgage accounts throughout the US and Canada. We serve thousands of lenders, large and small, with a comprehensive array of products.

Auto Loan & Lease Portfolios

Even under the best economic circumstances, auto lease and loan portfolios are at risk . . . in turbulent economic times, even more so. Insurance Tracking & Collateral Protection Insurance from van Wagenen is your safety net in preventing uninsured loss.

Commercial and Residential Mortgage Portfolios

Uninsured loss – a risk that can total hundreds of thousands of dollars per unit – is a risk too great to ignore.

van Wagenen Financial Services mitigates the risk of uninsured loss in several ways. We keep our customers up to date on the insurance status of their entire real estate portfolio. When coverage is inadequate or nonexistent, we urge borrowers to obtain coverage. We also provide several lender-placed insurance options to cover the mortgage balance in the event of damage or destruction. We even have protection against errors and omissions with a robust Mortgage Impairment policy.


Superior claims management requires two critical skills; efficiency and accuracy. van Wagenen is built on both.

Our insurance compliance experts know the system, the documentation, and the contacts to manage even the most complex claims process. In representing lenders and lessors, we accurately verify coverage, complete required paperwork, and negotiate the best possible settlements. Process efficiency and advanced technology ensures speedy resolution.

Consumer Lease and Loan Portfolios

From your perspective, Consumer Lease and Loan products have two things in common; they are frequently financed and they are at higher risk of damage because they’re mobile. Although your loan or lease agreement requires insurance protection, it’s not uncommon for coverage to be inadequate or even nonexistent when it’s needed most.

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