Letter from the President
WELCOME and thank you for your interest in van Wagenen. As an industry leader in lender placed insurance, insurance tracking, claims services, and other insurance related products, our staff, programs, and culture are dedicated to your satisfaction. Our success has been driven by that philosophy for over 80 years.

van Wagenen’s distinguished service and products represent our commitment to excellence, supported with dedication to design cutting edge technology. Our family takes pride in its ability to achieve and maintain this excellence. Every day van Wagenen and its associates aim to treat each and every one of our partners, clients, and their customers with respect and equality. We ask that you look at our history and consider our products and services an extension of your organization’s need for quality service to your customers.

Thank you for your consideration, we look forward to serving you in the near future.

Management Experience
The management team at van Wagenen has extensive experience in insurance, claims and insurance tracking.
van Wagenen has the support and knowledge needed to be the industry leader for over 80 years. Let us create a product and service package today that will increase your productivity, greatly reduce your losses on uninsured collateral, and increase your peace of mind knowing that your portfolio is being protected by the best in the business.

Our Parent Company

    • van Wagenen is proud to be a part of the Bankers Financial Corporation (BFC) family of companies, protecting the interests of lenders, businesses, builders, homeowners, consumers and investors. Since 1976, BFC has issued over 20 million warranties, protection plans, insurance policies, surety bonds, contract & commercial bonds, and annuities.