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Consumer Lease & Loan Insurance Tracking

There are many reasons your loan agreements require insurance coverage, and there are many reasons to use an expert tracking service. It turns out, you only need one reason to hire van Wagenen: we’re the best.

van Wagenen continually monitors insurance coverage to ensure your collateral is protected from uninsured loss. We manage complex insurance documentation and expertly handle millions of letters, faxes, and electronic messages. We do all of this without adding to your staff.

State-of-the-art insurance tracking

  • Increases borrower compliance.
  • Assures accurate communications and document management.
  • Provides a measurable return on investment.
  • Keeps you apprised of your collateral’s physical damage coverage.


Failing to get or keep insurance coverage often goes unnoticed – until it’s too late. That oversight could be a costly mistake for you and your customer. van Wagenen can verify your collateral has adequate insurance protection from the day the lease or loan agreement is signed. Whether a motorcycle or a motor home, a jet ski or speed boat, van Wagenen monitors and reports the insurance status of all the collateral in your portfolio. We urge compliance when borrowers or lessees reduce or eliminate insurance protection and alert you.

van Wagenen Insurance Tracking

  • Helps to reduce uninsured damage losses on repossessed/leased-end collateral as well as total losses.
  • Verifies that you are identified properly on the policy.
  • Verifies that coverage meets the requirements of the lease agreement.
  • Manages incoming and outgoing communications for you.


With the best technology, processes and insurance documentation experts in the industry, van Wagenen’s lease and loan insurance tracking is second to none.

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