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Commercial Real Estate Loan Stress Testing Solutions (CREST)

Even though your commercial real estate loan portfolio is well-diversified and strong, your examiners demand proof.

Stress testing helps fortify your institution’s security by identifying and avoiding potential weaknesses in advance. This forward-thinking approach will help you recognize high-risk concentrations and forecast the impact of variables affecting your unique commercial real estate loan portfolio. Crest is a cost-effective risk management solution that scales to fit the size and complexity of any financial institution.

CREST Offers:

  • Superior patent-pending technology for accurate stress test results with minimal data requirements.
  • Forward-looking analytics that inform management decisions for a healthy capital ratio and lending policy.
  • Robust compliance with regulatory guidelines for concentrations in commercial real estate lending and sound risk management practices.
  • Comprehensive reports and easy-to-read graphical analysis ready to hand to your examiners and board.

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