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Contingent Liability Insurance

Third party liability claims, uninsured physical damage and damage on vehicles held for sale – not to mention unsettled vicarious liability case law and legislation – all pose risks to your reputation and your bottom line.

Protect your institution from known risks, as well as those you simply didn’t see coming, with van Wagenen’s Contingent Liability Insurance. Choose from several coverage options:

  • Lessors Contingent Liability When the lessee is uninsured or underinsured.
  • Lessors Only Excess Liability Coverage beyond contingent liability insurance or lessee’s primary coverage.
  • Lessors Contingent Physical Damage When the lessee is uninsured or insurance is uncollectible for physical damage.
  • Interim Car Coverage For vehicles not currently under a lease agreement or are being held for sale.


Whether you are ordered to pay a small amount in court costs or millions in more serious judgments, van Wagenen’s Contingent Liability Insurance provides your business another kind of protection: peace of mind.


Product Details

Lessors Contingent Liability

  • Coverage for lessors when the lessee’s insurance is not in force, is uncollectable,
    or is written at lower limits than those required by the lease agreement.
  • Monitoring of ongoing lawsuits involving lessees.
  • Contingent Liability limits are $100,000 per person, $300,000 per occurrence (bodily injury) and $50,000 per occurrence (property damage)


Lessors Only Excess Liability Policy

  • Excess liability coverage for the lessor over either the underlying lessor contingent liability coverage or the lessee provided primary coverage.
  • Minimum required underlying coverage is $100,000 per person, $300,000 per occurrence (bodily injury) and $50,000 per occurrence (property damage)


Lessors Contingent Physical Damage

        • Coverage when the lessee’s physical damage insurance is not in force or is otherwise
          uncollectible at the time of the accident
        • $1,000 deductible on both comprehensive and collision coverage
        • Maximum payable limit per loss of $50,000
        • Due diligence required in maintaining insurance in accordance with the terms of the lease agreement


Interim Car Coverage:

        • Coverage on automobiles owned by the lessors that are intended to be leased but are currently
          not assigned to a lessee under a lease agreement or returned to the lessor at the end of a lease
          and are being held for sale
        • Coverage amounts:
          • $100,000 per person
          • $300,000 per occurrence (bodily injury)
          • $50,000 per occurrence (property damage)
          • $1,000 comprehensive and collision damage deductibles
          • Maximum payable per loss is $50,000

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